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89°F/ 31.7°C

Mostly Cloudy

15:19 in Cozumel
Feels Like: 102 F (39 C)
Wind: 138° SE at 6 mph
Humidity: 68%
Visibility: 8.0 miles
Uv Index: 6 --
Sunrise: 6.38
Sunset: 18.36
10 Day Forecast


This island in the Mexican caribbean is a destination with more history, natural beauty, traditions and peace since colonial times to make it one of the places that every traveler should experience its beaches, remnants of history, natural beauty surrounding this island with more than 70 reefs full of life and diversity to fall in love with scuba tours of their most demanding practitioners with a wealth of underwater experiences with areas ideal for surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paragliding and fun.

Cozumel boasts hospitality with high tourism hotels pamper their guests with kindness and care characteristic of Quintana Roo, also having accommodations to suit all budgets that allow this island to enjoy the more adventurous and those who looking to get away from the hustle everyday to immerse yourself in a relaxed holiday, romantic memories and fun experiences to share in the company, or traveling alone, in the beautiful Cozumel find many activities and attractions that will make your visit a good reason to stay.

Cozumel anecdotes from colonial times before when he was an important commercial and religious center of Maya in their language was called Cuzamil whose translation is Island of the Swallows which derives its current name, attended by numerous contingents Mayas to worship the Goddess Ixchel, was discovered by the Spanish under the command of Juan Grijalva in 1518 and a year later began the process of colonization under the command of Hernan Cortez, leaving traces of its pre-Columbian history mainly on the archaeological site of San Gervasio and the community now Cedral called after the abandonment of the Spanish island served as refuge for pirates among which were Morgan and Lafitte.

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